Crowdfunding Gets New ‘Spin’ from The Spider Accomplice

crowd funding campaign screen shot
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Never a band to be put in a box, LA’s ‘The Spider Accomplice‘ has turned the notion of crowdfunding on its ear with their new Indiegogo campaign.

Last year, they released their debut EP, ‘Los Angeles: The Trap’, which garnered them LA Music Critic’s Awards for Best EP and Best Rock Band. For their next offering, they are upping the ante.

(‘Calico Concrete’ from ‘Los Angeles: The Trap)

Via the independent fundraising platform, the pink-clad modern rockers have created a comedy/mystery/horror narrative, in which lead singer VK Lynne must raise 5K in “ransom money” to ensure the release of her captured bandmates, Justin Lee Dixon (drums) and Arno Nurmisto (lead guitar). Once they are ‘returned safely’, the band will commence recording their new music.

They’ve released footage of the ominous phone call VK received, a ‘Breaking News’ report of the kidnapping, and a photo of the ransom note from the musicians’ attacker. Various rewards await the fans who contribute to the ‘rescue effort’, and overall, a good time is had by all.

Sponsored by COLDCOCK Whiskey and Dirtbag Clothing, The Spider Accomplice is set to make a huge splash in 2016.

For more information, visit their IndieGogo campaign here: Campaign Link