New Film Tackles Stigma

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Amber Rachel-Sweet is an accomplished actress, having worked consistently in the cutthroat market of Los Angeles for many years. But now, she is taking her experiences and adding writer and maverick to her titles.

Her new short film, as described by its Facebook page, “deals with topics that are sorely underrepresented: first and foremost women who may not want to be mothers, and what it looks like to have the courage to stand by your truth even when it cost you everything.”

THE SPACE BETWEEN is about a woman named Rachel, who is still struggling with the trauma surrounding her mother’s death. When faced with the question of motherhood, she and her husband, Jake, fight to stand by their wholehearted truth, and their marriage is tested.

Sweet explains,”This film is based on many personal details of my life, and a story I’m very passionate about. I wanted to write a story with a strong female lead character, and give those women who share the same fears, doubts, and pressures, a voice. I want to empower women, reminding them that we are not identified by whether or not we choose motherhood.”

Her project could not be more timely; women’s equality, from parenthood to pay scales, is currently at the forefront of the cultural consciousness. Several A-list celebrities have spoken out about the deep disparities between the sexes, and Sweet’s film adds an important facet to that conversation. On a very tangible level, this film, starring a female, is also written and directed by women. Sweet walks her own talk.

Currently, funds are being raised to bring this piece to fruition. Follow the link to see how you can be part of THE SPACE BETWEEN.