Our clients come from many different fields (music, retail, photography, digital art, theater, etc.) and include:

  • Paul Allender (graphic design, video editor)
  • Marcela Bovio (musician)
  • Coming Soon Cast (podcast)
  • White Empress- (band)
  • Jaded Star- (band)
  • Enemy of Reality- (band)
  • Crochety Darnit- (handmade accessories)
  • Laura Inferno- (musician)
  • FRēK- (counter culture clothing)
  • Flying Eyes Sunglasses- (aviation sunglasses)
  • Deborah Marlowe- (actress)
  • Greg Kahofer (novelist)
  • Saideth (band)
  • Aziza World Fragrances (perfumer)
  • Nicole Leone Photography (photographer)

A wide a variety of needs requires a wide variety of styles. Click through the drop down menu to check out some of the types of work I’ve done for my clients!