Bio & Marketing Pages: Nicole Leone Photography


Born in Massachusetts, but currently residing in Los Angeles, Nicole graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a bachelor’s degree in advertising photography.

Her work is characterized by architectural, editorial, and product images for various advertising campaigns.

As versatile as she is creative, Nicole also has worked on TV sets as a still photographer, and her work has been published in various magazines. She is an expert photo editor, retouching the majority of her own work. She is proficient in Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, & Illustrator.

A consummate businesswoman, Nicole surrounds herself with professionals in all areas of marketing, yet maintains a lighthearted sense of wit and humor that makes for an enjoyable and effective shoot day!



Marketing Page:

Is your business looking to increase its visibility? Then hiring the right photographer is crucial.

Nicole Leone is a marketing-focused photographer who will help you increase your annual revenue and profitability by reaching your company’s target clients.

Together, we achieve those goals by using the Three W’s:

  •       WHO is your target market?
  •       WHAT are your business goals?
  •       WHERE will these images be featured?

Your photos should tell a visual story for your clients. Contact me here, and let’s create a fairytale ending!

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