Etsy Shop Statement: Aziza World Fragrances, LLC

Welcome to my shop!

My name is Aziza Poggi, and I come from a family of creative entrepreneurs. Early on, I knew that I would choose the same path. My predilection for scents and my love for nature came together when I launched my brand of vegan, eco-friendly products.

An enormous amount of time and research goes into all my creations. I have extremely sensitive skin and allergies, and so I am particularly sympathetic to others who struggle with the same issues. I want to make sure my products are useable for everyone!

As I began my work, I learned that the alcohol in many perfumes evaporates our natural oils, creating respiratory distress and skin irritations. Therefore, I expunged all alcohol use in my perfumes.  In early 2011, I underwent a surgery that left me wheelchair bound for months. I utilized that time to study and perfect my recipes. I spent hours upon hours reading books on perfumery and body products, soy candles and whipped Shea body butter. Later, I trained with a chemist, who helped me get dilution and leveling correct.  He also offered insight to essential and fragrance oils.

Today, I am proud to sell high-quality organic, vegan, American-made products that are alcohol- free, bleach-free, and cruelty-free. Within that framework, I am also pleased to offer custom orders upon request.


My brand can be found online (Aziza World Fragrances, LLC), in consignment shops and at festivals and salons worldwide!


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